IO 2 Visual Description

Intellectual Output 1


The object was a new procedure for using social media in work-based learning including a description of the learning process that takes into account different learning environments and their support to the learning objective.


Both a practical and theoretical approaches were used to describe the learning process and the different learning environments and their support to the learning objective. The results of these two approaches can be found in section 3 of the full results.

A survey of how the project’s partner organisation was performed using a questionnaire sent to partner organisations. The aim was to survey how and why social media is used today, the different social media tools/channels used in work based learning and to describe the learnings process focusing on the learner and his/her objectives and learning. One of the survey objective was to include the viewpoints of the work place, individual learner and the school. Finish Folk High School in Sweden tried to achieve that by using three different web questionnaires to each one of these three target groups.

A theoretical approach is included to provide a theoretical basis for the guild lines. A number of research papers and information founded in professional websites was used to describe how to uses different social media tools to design a personal learning ́s environment and to assist learning different skills and other important issues to be taken into consideration when using social media in education generally and work based learning particularly.

A suggested procedure for using social media in work based learning is described in section 4 of the full results. The procedure describes how social media could be used in different stages of the work based learnings process and different learning environment

Some general recommendation for good practices for using social media in WBL is given in section 5 these addresses aspects like identity management, copyright and privacy setting and monitoring and updating the information on social media.

The full outcome can be found here.