Gothenburg 9th – 10th Mach 2016

Photograph from the Gothenburg Meeting

Second Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden 9th – 10th March 2016

The meeting in Gothenburg was held according to the projects timetable in March 2016. The theme of the meeting was social media in the WBL learning process. All the partners attended and the total number of participants was 15. The meeting began with a tour of the Folk High School’s different departments by the hosts and a programme made by students and children from the school’s kindergarten. The project team held a Skype meeting with project coordinator Mika Heino.  The English partners who were attending their first project meeting presented themselves and their part in the project. In the evening the project team went on a guided city tour in Gothenburg and had dinner at Scandic Rubinen in the central town of Gothenburg.

On the second day a workshop was held on how to use WordPress to create blogs. The workshop was a result of the decision to use WordPress in our national blogs. The team went through installation of WordPress, creating user accounts, creating posts and pages, and different add-ons, security issues and users management. The workshop was very successful according to the feedback received from all  partners. After lunch a discussion was held about future activities and the English partners were provided with feedback on their proposal. The projects national and main blogs layout, colour themes, logo, hosting the main blog was discussed, and it was decided to use the Blackboard platform hosted by Bridgwater and Taunton College as the projects main communication platform. Tartu Folk High School presented results of the evaluation from the first meeting. Finally,the Gothenburg meeting was summarised and in the evening we had a social dinner in the centre of the city.