About the Project

Have you ever struggled with new digital tools or got lost in social media when studying or creating educational material?

Would you like to know how they can be used productively and effectively to help make Work-Based Learning (WBL) more transparent and goal oriented?

Work for Adults 2.0 project has dealt with these questions in the past years. Partners from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Basque country in Spain and from the UK have worked together to reach these specific goals:

On International level to create a description of best practices in Work-Based Learning in the partner countries and

Regionally to develop models for adult education that utilize e-learning and social media in the operational environment of early childhood education and support.

At the same time we have developed adult educators’ and company representatives’ e-learning and digital skills in the learning process and in different learning environments and adult learners’ lifelong learning skills and competences and the ability to document their own learning processes.

To achieve the above-mentioned goals we have organized workshops that enable teachers, learners and working life representatives to get to know and use different tools and applications of e-learning and social media.

We have piloted some of the tools and social media applications in Early Childhood education, Business & Administration and ICT education as well as in preparatory and initial Vocational Education and Training for immigrants and even in Further Teacher Training. The outcomes and the procedure are however directly transferable to any chosen professional field and to any operational environment. The most important things are to create a positive attitude atmosphere and to link the working life into development of the operations.